Butterfly Three Wheeler Car Q & A

Why two wheels in front ?

It’s more stable.  Most modern three wheel vehicle designs have recognized the advantages and adopted this approach.

Why front wheel drive ?

It’s safer and allows higher performance.  Driving full power through a single rear wheel is simply dangerous.  A single driven wheel cannot provide adequate traction.  Imagine accelerating on an on-ramp, losing rear tire traction, and spinning into the guardrail or traffic (yikes!).

Why do others have rear wheel drive ? 

It’s cheaper and much simpler to produce, but the stability issues give three wheelers a bad reputation.

Why have the engine in the rear ?

More optimum weight distribution, better looking vehicles, and the feeling of forward seating.  The forward seat provides an entirely new level of excitement.  The connection with the road is akin to driving a motorcycle.  Some people have said it’s like flying.  Others have said it’s the best thing since a rollercoaster.  One thing for sure… it’s entirely unique.