Three Wheeler Car Market Space

This vehicle will compete in the market against motorcycles, three  wheel motorcycles, Polaris Slingshot,  CAN-AM Spyder, micro cars (Smart, Toyota, Mini) , low cost sport cars, and high mileage or electric vehicles.  

With this patent, you can build the highest range electric vehicle utilizing inherent low rolling resistance and outstanding aerodynamics.  Or maybe a performance machine.  Or just build low cost fun. 

In this market, motorcycle sales are over $6 Billion.   Over 100,000 CanAms have been sold, and over 14,000 Slingshots (in 2 years).  Assuming an average cost of $20K for a Slingshot, that's $288M in market space.  And Can-Am sales are estimated at over $2 Billion.  Sub-compact car sales continue to be hot, and reasonably priced sports cars are in demand. 

The Butterfly Three Wheeler Car carves out a unique portion of this entire spectrum of market space. 

  What's it worth ?  

  • If vehicle attracts one out of ten buyers in the motorcycle and three wheeler space = approx $1 Billion!
  • If vehicle attracts half of the existing Slingshot / Can-Am / 3 Wheel Harley space =  over $1.2 Billion!
  • If vehicle attracts one out of fifty buyers in the entire spectrum = over $3 Billion!